Sunday, April 11, 2010

Trip Pics Silo Rooms

These are the steps on the second floor that lead up to the sitting room in the silo.

There was a little alcove area before entering the sitting room where a coffee maker was set up. Very thoughtful, but we don't drink coffee.

It was really fogging the day we arrived. Can you tell? There were books up there to read which was a really nice touch.

Kurt reading his Dave Ramsey book. He got quite a bit read and he is not the reading kind of guy. We spent a lot of time on that couch reading and watching tv. It was very comfy!

The ceiling of the lower part of the silo. There was a mural painted around the hot tub and in sky part of the mural there are little stars painted. They glowed in the dark if you turned off the light which was pretty neat.

A very nice relaxing place. If you are ever in the Door County area, go check out the Cornerstone! Still can not believe that we went away for an entire weekend. Even though it happened a month ago, I can say I am good (unfortunately) for another year or so but hopefully it is not that long until another vacation.


Miriam said...

The hottub mural is really cool!!

Miriam said...

Meghan - the new header picture is the picture of the measuring cup w/ flowers in it :)