Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Another Day

Last Monday's weather was perfect. The rest of the week was rainy and cloudy. Monday the COO of a Green Bay hospital came to our place to film a segment that goes on the hospital's intranet for the employees to watch. The segment was about Red Barn Family Farms of course. In the photo from left to right is my husband, my boss who is also a veterinarian, the COO, the cameraman, and my boss's son.

After getting some shots from outside of the electric fence, the cameraman and others headed in between the lines to get up-close and personal with our cows. We have friendly and curious cows like Ireland who even licked my other boss's hair. Which didn't freak her out because she did grow up on a farm. It was a good laugh.

More of our girls checking out the hospital's girls. Good thing these two girls also grew up on farms, but I'm not sure what the one was thinking wearing a skirt. She held the cue cards for what the COO had to say into the camera.

Here I caught Dynasty so he could hold her while he filmed a portion of his segment. In the background is Paula my boss, the COO's assistant, and Kurt. The cameraman was standing to my left along with the lady in the skirt. Can you tell the COO was slightly uncomfortable? Dynasty is a huge cow but she is very gentle. After we got the cows in the barn and started milking, they filmed another segment of him milking Dynasty. When I get the footage from the day, I am hoping to be able to post it here. Hopefully it will be ready for viewing soon and you can see a someone candid view of Lime-Acres.

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