Friday, May 7, 2010

Say What

My daughter came home from school Wednesday and told Kurt how while playing on the playground she kind of hurt herself. She said she ran into a pole on the left side of her body. Which meant she bumped her leg, but she also hurt her heart according to her. She relayed the same story to me later.
That night she had some reading to do which she had to read to me on the Aztecs. She got a part where they talked about the Aztecs giving hearts to the chiefs (I think) or others that were thought highly of. After reading about the hearts, Maclayne said, "That wasn't very appropriate with my heart hurting and all." It's not something she has ever said but it was used perfectly in context. I'm sure the teachers use the word appropriate a lot when correcting or scolding the kids. Glad she's expanding her vocabulary voluntarily.

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