Monday, July 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday July 26th

This week is fair week as in the County fair. We are taking two calves to exhibit in Open class. Next year my daughter will be old enough to show in the junior show so this is kind of a test run for her. I'm thinking I'll be doing the majority of the work but that's normal right?! So if you thought my menus were simple before this is the simplest. I'm sure I'll be ready for some real food on Sunday!

Monday-Homemade pizza and salad

Tuesday- Sloppy joes, salad, corn, and pickles

Wednesday-Leftovers or grilled cheese and tomato soup

Thursday-Supper at the fair

Friday-Supper at the fair

Saturday-Supper at the fair

Sunday-Simple supper at home...popcorn, sandwiches, nuggets, or frozen pizza

So my plan for keeping cost down at the fair are bringing ham sandwiches, string cheese, beef stick chunks, beef jerky, chips, twizzlers, cookies, granola bars, cinnamon rolls, and lots of drinks. Hopefully all the junk during the day will keep the food tents at bay. Although I do love the homemade lemonade which I'm planning on buying the big refillable container. YUM!

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autumn said...

it's our county fair week too! i'm using our crock pot and packing breakfast,lunch, and snacks. My son has broilers at the fair so we're there all day every day thru Thursday!
Lots of luck at your fair