Monday, July 19, 2010


I am a big fan of Walgreens and I mention this only because CVS was my former favorite drug store. When I did the Grocery Game, I did the majority of my stockpile buying at CVS. Looking back I didn't do that great of a job spending the lowest amount I could out of pocket. Now I am back playing the game (not officially through The GG) but at Walgreens and I love it. My biggest problem before was I would buy extras that were a low price but then I still had to pay out of pocket more than you actually should if playing "the game." This first group was back on June 23rd and I have been meaning to post it since then obviously I've been a little busy.

First Transaction 1st store

Contact solution 7.49

-Previous RR -6.00

Total w/tax=1.86

RR earned 7.50

Second Transaction 1st store

Razor 9.89

Shampoo 2.99

-Previous RR -7.50

-Razor coupon -4.00

Total w/tax 2.02

RR earned 5.00

RR earned 2.00

First Transaction 2nd Store Normally I wouldn't go to another store but I was running errands around town for my job and I really wanted the body washes which were not at the previous store. Shelf clearers are not our friends : )

Contact Solution 7.49 (this was such a great deal)

Candy bar (for filler item) .89

-Previous RR -5.00
-Previous RR -2.00

Total w/tax 1.75

RR earned 7.50

Second Transaction 2nd Store

Body wash 4.49
Body wash 4.49

Shampoo 2.99

Candy bar .89

-Body Wash B1G1 -4.49

-Previous RR -7.50

Total w/tax 1.47

RR earned 2.00

RR earned 4.00

So I started this post last Tuesday and am now completing it almost a week later. Ugh, I need a vacation or an assistant either way it sounds lovely. I just could not afford either.

PS-Thanks for sticking with my blog if there are any readers out there : )

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