Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Keeps Me Moving

Finished baling our 2nd crop hay last Tuesday. We had two balers running and had everything unloaded an into the barn in three hours. The above picture was the last load on Saturday before the storm came through and drenched the cut hay. I was already in the house because I parked my tractor as far as I could in the shed and came in. That was kind of nice because I was able to read a book for awhile in peace and quiet. Then a couple of the guys hung around and I made up some noodles (I didn't have enough spaghetti) and heated up the meatballs I made the night before. Added a jar of spaghetti sauce and they were very happy. The night before after I had the urge to make about two pounds of meatballs I was wondering what in the world I was going to do with them. Worked out quite well.
Watch this mom! Do you think I'll get dizzy? My little girl is full of questions and likes to quiz people. Especially Kurt, what colors are on this, that, and the other thing...Sometimes I tell her enough but she's too funny. She's in swimming lessons right now and in denial that she needs to face her fear of deep water. Mind you she takes lessons in an actual swimming pool but she is afraid of sinking even with a life jacket. I'm quite sure she will be in level three come next year.

That would be the inside of our bulk tank. That "foam" on the sides is cream. I like this picture a lot. We were filling the tank like this regularly until the humidity came...Dear Humidity, it's you not me. Signed, Heat. : )

Every morning after chores all three of us work with the two calves we are taking to the fair next week. This really takes up more time than it seems it would but by the time I get into the house it's time to leave for swimming lessons. This picture was from April or May. The hooded sweatshirt was a give away. I need to get some more pictures similiar to this because she is doing a poster on her calf. She's actually going to do the poster on the calf and the other girl's in Snow-Red's family which are all of the other red and white cattle we have. Today since it's 1:30 am...I am going grocery shopping and regular shopping after we are done milking in about twelve hours from now so I had better hit the hay. Kurt is talking on the phone to his friend who is on call and driving home. He's keeping him awake and both of them like to talk. : )

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