Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Decorating...If You Can Call It That

I have a little artist who likes to create different masterpieces at school, home, and anywhere in between. My fridge fills up fast and I have to switch out each artist original periodically to showcase the budding talent that my DNA created.

In our farmhouse, that my husband grew up in and lived his entire life there is a second flooor. The upstairs if you will. It has four total rooms. One of the rooms was used as a toy room when my husband was pretending to farm (he even pretended to milk the cows). When we moved in, the upstairs was where everyone took their unwanted materials and deposited them in any of the rooms. I should say by the time I moved in the "toy room" only had a pile in the corner and Kurt's old toys. Back to my artist...I decided to turn the toy room into an actual happy, functional toy room. It would be even happier if I had the patience to put some primer and paint over the lovely dark panelling but we'll save that for another time. I hung up a poster that was from a play my daughter was in last year. She won the right to bring it home out of the other cast members. This was headed for the recycling but I thought it would add a little something, something to the area.
This works for me!

I went to Hobby Lobby. Do you have Hobby Lobbys? Oh they are wonderful! I bought some thin, nylon string which I secured to the wall with pushpins (or thumbtacks, maybe they are the same thing?). I tied a knot in the end for the pin to go through and then strung a double line across the wall. Then I did another line a little lower. I figured small/shorter projects could go up on the top line and vice-versa on the lower line. Then I hung the lovely art creations up with clothes pins. I know it looks like all of our space is already filled up but that is not the case. The wall that mirrors the play poster wall is a full wall which has an empty line running the entire length of the wall. Notice the old pinball machine circa late 70s early 80s. It still works because the budding artist occasionally plays inbetween sessions.

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Caroline Mukisa said...

Such a nice idea! Not only is my fridge door full, but the art keeps getting pulled down by my toddler! This is great!