Thursday, September 2, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello School

I always disliked the question, what did you do during your summer vacation. Um, the same thing I did the year before-nothing. That would be a cranky, spoiled kid's response (or mine). We always were asked this and then usually had to write some sort of essay regarding this topic. Yuck. Of course I expect my daughter to have to go through the same business. I even went as far as asking her the same question. I started in June and listed all of the fun stuff she got to do this summer. I personally wanted this summer to be one of the best summer's my daughter has had. Last summer was our first summer milking three-times-a-day which we had to get used to working around field work and making hay and Kurt was also working part-time at another farm. It was a grueling summer.

My daughter went to summer school for three weeks and took classes in Spanish, art, and playground fun. She also took swimming lessons for four weeks and collected candy at three parades. She had a few friends over and even had a sleepover. She went to my parents cabin for a weekend's time. We showed at the fair and she went on rides, played games, and got to show a calf. She also got to come and play with my boss's daughter who is the same age while I worked. The last full week of summer vacation we went to Wisconsin Dells. It is the waterpark capital of the world. I never went there as a kid and always wanted to so this was especially important to me that we go. My mom, Mac, and I left on a Thursday afternoon and came back Friday evening. It was tiring and I would have liked an extra day, but we had a good time.

If my daughter in the upcoming days needs to answer the burning question what did you do this summer, I hope she has a better answer than nothing.

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