Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Week in Review

Life always seems like it gets busier and busier and harder to recall the past. I'm 30 and I used to have a great memory, but it seems like it's not what I remember it to be : ) Seriously though I'm thinking I should start journaling my week or days in an actual book. My husband has a pocket calendar with a week covering the two pages. If something monumental happens on the farm it is recorded in the book. I have made the book a few times. He usually uses it to record harvest information. Like how many loads of corn silage were unloaded into the silo, if he lowered the unloader in the silo, dehorned the calves, weened the calves off of milk, moved calves to different group, replaced motors, machinery, etc. He also reports the weather--amount of snow or rain. I'm going to try and recall last week!

Monday- I worked at the coop. I only had a few loads of corn come in and the rest of the day I cleaned up and did stuff on the computer. We milked at 7pm tonight because we milked at 5am the next morning. Its always kind of strange when we milk so that we are in the house for good by 8pm. I watched Mike and Molly. Love that show! We had stuffed pork chops in the slow cooker for supper.

Tuesday- Up at 4:30am to milk by 5. It was nice to be done milking early, but we have a cow that is two days fresh (gave birth) and is not doing too hot. She is running a temp of 107 degrees which is like a 105 in humans. She is chewing her cud which is even more puzzling. My Godmother always told me that happy cow chews it's cud. Kurt treated her with some pain meds and IVed her which she dislikes as does Kurt. After morning chores were done, we got a two hour nap in which wasn't our best idea. Because we were classifying later that afternoon, which means we still needed to wash our cows tails, feed the cows, bed the cows with soybean straw, and have everything cleaned up. We also needed to vote. Today also celebrated our second year completed of milking three times a day. Kurt knows I dislike days where it feels like you live out in the barn. Ugh I dislike those days. I think I was out there for five hours straight. He brightened my day be suggesting we go out for supper. We had kind of planned to do that since we earned it for the milking three x. After voting we three went out to eat. I had chicken oscar. Its a grilled chicken breast with crab meat and asparagus covered with hollandaise sauce. Wow that was good.

Wednesday- I have to be honest. I don't remember what happened this day. I woud hope that I napped and I think I did. I know I watched The Middle and Modern Family that night.

Thursday- Today I worked at the coop. My normal days to work are Mondays and Tuesdays but because we were classifying I switched my Tuesday for this day. Our milk tester Patti stopped in by me for about an hour and she bought me lunch. Holy moly can that girl eat. She is petite and tiny and she claims her and food are pretty close. She ordered a chicken sandwich and fries and went to go pick up our order (I got a cheeseburger and fries). She saw the special was an Indian Taco so she ordered one of those too. She ate the taco first and then her sandwich and most of her fries. Then went to go test at farm that was a few miles away to the north. I was very full from lunch.

Friday- Today I thought I could hopefully get in some house cleaning before our lunch date with some friends but it did not happen. This whole week had a go-go theme to it so this day was no different. We stayed out in the barn after the cows were let out on pasture and did all the chores. This way after lunch all we have to is open the door and let the cows in and milk. Our lunch date was for 11:30 with two other couples. It went until 2:30 and we were just up the road at the golf course eating. I had wanted to milking by 2 because on most Friday nights we have Kurt's cousins son milk for us. Its easier if there is closer to eight hours of milk in the cows since he's a little slow at moving milkers. Well he came early tonight because he was going to same classifying party as us. We had a party the time before when we classified. Classifying takes place every seven months. It was so nice to come home after the party and not have to milk!

Saturday- Today I actually got some housework done. I did laundry, some vacuuming, and a little bit of dusting. I'm not done but it was a start and I also got a lot of office and bills put away. Mac and Kurt loaded a brush pile onto a flat rack and hauled to the back of our lane. Which is a half mile ride one way. Mac was getting pretty cold and had to add a pair of pants to what she had on already. I think they made three trips. We had sweet and sour chicken for supper. The extra is going to be my lunch at work on Monday. Kurt also had the vet come out to confirm if our cow had pneumonia because her temp would go down but wasn't staying down. It was pneumonia so now we are attacking it differently.

Sunday- Mac and I went to church and Kurt stayed home to doctor Shanna the cow. It was All Saints day and Kurt has an aunt who is dying of cancer-hospice has been called in. After church her daughter (who played the piano for church), came over to tell me that Kurt was to be a pallbearer for her when she passes. Which means I need to take Kurt shopping for new dress pants and a jacket so basically a suit. He needs an updated version. After sunday school, we went home and threw in a frozen pizza. A Home Run pizza which are made in Appleton and Kurt thinks they are great. Read the paper a little and then I rearranged the porch. My parents brought us their old (5 years) TV. I had to turn stuff around and I dusted and vacuumed out there. I love that room because before I moved it it was basically a junk room with a freezer. Now I have two chest freezers out there, two chairs, TV, treadmill, and plants. It's on the south side of the house so it gets nice and warm out there on cold days. We have a baseboard heater out there incase it gets too chilly. I also washed and folded more clothes. We had smoked sausage, cheesy hashbrown potatoes, and green beans.