Monday, March 7, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

MONDAY- Cheeseburger macaroni, salad, and green beans

TUESDAY- Sloppy joes, corn, and more salad

WEDNESDAY- Taco casserole with corn bread and jello

THURSDAY- Homemade pizza with salad

FRIDAY- Out to eat for supper because I will be on vacation. Going to the same place too. Pictures of it here and here. We are such exciting people that we plan on eating at the same place as we did last year. HERE. It's only about 2 miles down the road from where we are staying.

SATURDAY- Still on vacation and probably dining or picking up take out from here. We ate supper there last year too. Great ribs! But we made a mistake and ate a late lunch of pizza and then were uncomfortable full for supper. I have a game plan this year. Eat lunch at noon! Simple and practical! : )

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just a Couple Pictures

Kurt's eyes. I like them a lot. He looks angry I think, but he was actually just giving me a very serious look.
Kittens were delivered to our farm via the neighbor's cat. Our female cats (all three of them) are fixed...not anymore. Clockwise from top right is Sad Eyes (aka Bullet)(female), tortoise colored kitten is Francis Apolis(aka Frannie)(female), Moose is male, and on top is Bubba another boy. Missing from the picture are Lucy and Daisy who are obviously female.

There is mama feeding her babies. We actually brought her to another farm who was looking for more cats. Her kittens are about five months old and are more than capable of surviving on their own. But they still tried to sneak a feeding from her.

We had a huge brush pile out front that needed to be cleaned up before the snow came. It didn't look too big until we started piling it on the flat wagon.

This is Brad Paisley. We went to his concert on one of the coldest nights of the year. It was so cold the next day school was cancelled. The concert was in Green Bay the Thursday before the NFC championship game against the Bears.

Recognize this guy??? That's Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rogers. He was too far from us during the concert along with a bunch of other Packers. The crowd loved it!

Milking her favorite cow Dynasty this summer. So glad I got a picture of this because Dynasty is in a funk and we're not quite sure what's going on.

She has now been moved to the pen were she is surviving as of today. The last time I took pictures like this the cow left a few weeks later. So we wanted to make sure we got some pictures of her and her favorite (living) cow.
That's just a snippet of the few things that have gone on around here...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan Feb 14-20

I have missed my meal planning! In my head I have tried to do it but its not the same. I started on Sunday night pulling meat out of the freezer to put my plan into action. Here it goes!

Monday- Pork roast, saurkraut, and carrots cooked in the crockpot, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans
Tuesday- Sloppy Joe beef cups (refrigerated biscuits patted into muffin tins, fill with sloppy joe mixture and top with cheese and bake-easy!), corn, and salad
Wednesday- Cut up chicken in the crockpot, mashed potatoes, corn, and green beans
Thursday- Out to eat with the county Dairy Promotion group
Friday- Homemade pizza and salad
Saturday- Hamburger, potato, and carrot casserole
Sunday- Maybe out to eat for my dad's birthday which was the 12th...hmm we'll see
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