Monday, March 5, 2012

Been Almost a Year

 Pretty sure the last place I left off was going on our 2nd vacation to the Door County peninsula...These pictures are from our trip to Door County last August.  We went to Whitefish Dunes State Park located along the Lake Michigan side of Door County.
 Way back when I was 15 I was part of an interstate exchange group through 4-H.  We hosted kids from Kingman County Kansas.  There were planned activities and also time for host families to do separate family activities.  My girl Sonya wanted to see Lake Michigan.
 When we pulled up to pay for day long admission, the water temperature was posted.  The first time I was here I had really great memories of being able to walk out quite a ways and clear water.  Refreshing, not too cold water.
 Today's temperature a bone chilling 55 degrees on this end of August day!  Mac splashed around and found some shells.
 There are a few hiking trails.  Although we took the same one that Sonya, my family, and I took that first time.
 There are a few spots that are a little hazardous, but it keeps you on your toes.
Mac was just being sassy here.  This weekend we are going for our third year in a row the same weekend, same place.  We are bringing Mac with too.  I hope she enjoys staying in a converted barn.