Thursday, March 26, 2009


As I was looking for my shiny, black SmartPot Rival crockpot that intimidates me and I have to use the owners manual to funtion, I found something. I was telling the world last week that I own seven crockpots. It was all a lie I am sorry to say. I forgot that I wanted a cute small 1-1/2 quart crock for dips or smaller items. So um, yeah I own eight crockpots. Please don't call the authorities because I am prepared to relinquish my rights to a couple. Heck maybe I'll have to have a giveaway. I still have two in a box remember??? So they aren't used or anything like that. My grubby mitts have not touched them but thankfully I do have an abundance of crockpots. Because I had to pull out three to cook 10 pounds of pork roasts and my kitchen cupboard it now filled.

Kurts out feeding and bedding the cows so I better get back to work. I have to help him let the cows back in.

Crockpotally Yours,

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Miriam said...

Just think, you could do a whole weeks worth of crockpot meals and never had to wash dishes until the weekend. LOL :)