Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

This is Mac's birthday week. Her birthday is on Saturday and I'm sure I will mention this a few more times this week. I have lots to do. Cleaning, shopping, locating presents that I hid in the house, cooking, baking, and teaching two Adventures in Dairyland classes this week to fourth graders. I also go in and have lunch with her which I think I'm going to do today and bring in a treat. I have cupcakes in the oven so I better get the menu down and get movin!

Monday-Swiss Steak and mashed potatoes

Tuesday- Chicken parmigiana

Wednesday-Hamburgers, rice a roni, and grean beans

Thursday-Leftovers or a frozen pizza

Friday-Perch from the deli at the grocery store--it's actually very good!

Saturday-I'll let you know in another post.

Check here to see what's happening at Lime-Acres Holsteins . I had to go rescue the cupcakes. But the dumb smoke alarm in the living room went off which is wierd. It's two rooms away from the kitchen. Oh well. Go get some great ideas for your menus at OrgJunkie

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