Thursday, May 7, 2009

Remember Me

So I have been kind of busy, kind of lazy, and just kind of tired out. It is hard to get through a day without taking a nap. Before I married Kurt, I was not a fan of naps and now I can not nap long enough. I think going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5:30 is beginning to wear on me...yawn. Tomorrow I must go to some rummage sales. I must! It is guilt free shopping and you never know what you will find. I especially like finding girl's clothes in my daughter's size. Score! I kind of have a few other things to do tomorrow besides rummage sales. I have to get ready for my own which is next Friday and Saturday. What I need to do is start labeling items with there price and making sure I have everything I want to offer for sale. Yawn...sorry. I need to go sweep out my garage because the big garage is full of pallets with seed corn, soybean seed, and fertilizer. Not exactly the easiest things to move around. I am borrowing (older) tables from church to put stuff on.

Remember this little lady? We named her Kween and there were a lot of other great suggestions. We sold her two weeks ago at our county's spring sale. She was 40 days old but her birthday fell just right that she can be shown at our county fair. Another day younger and she would have missed the cutoff. Two reasons why we sold her. 1. We had two heifers calve and they both had bulls which we do not raise. 2. We did not have the money to buy her a buddy since we do not like to raise them without atleast one buddy. They seem to grow better if they have a friend. So obviously we needed the money could be reason three but who doesn't need the money right now?

There were a few other calves her age that were selling as well. Two that sold before her brought 850-900 dollars. Which is not bad considering these calves are just over a month old, but we were hoping for atleast 1500 based on the pedigree and the fact that she is red helps. Holy cow, when the dust settled a guy from our county took her home for 2100. I was shocked! Just think what she would have brought if the milk price wasn't so crappy. Thanks to Kween we cash flowed the month of April. We found out later, the guy Kurt works for bid her up and was going to try and buy her. Kurt's cousin was also going to bid on her but he I don't think he had a chance.

I am trying to come up with a recipe for tomorrow's recipe swap but I'm drawing a blank. I promise I will try and blog more. My camera needs a new battery and I blame it on that and being lazy and tired.

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Miriam said...

Isn't God great how He provides in the least expected ways?? I hope you score some great deals at the rummage sales this weekend :) I would love to go to some but all this packing has proved that I don't need one iota more of anything until I have a better place to put what I have already. I hope you get some rest soon, being worn down all the time is not fun. Take care!