Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why I Love Spring

And they are off! Ten days ago the cows were allowed out into the pasture. I think they were slightly excited about getting out into some dirt and green, green grass.

The heifers in the lot next to the pasture even were excited for the cows as they ran along the fenceline. See the red and white heifer. That is her mama two pictures down kicking her heels up and she is a big girl.

Black and white cows.

Red and White cows.

The two oldest cows in the herd. Pearl is on the left and Amber on the right. They are both due to calve in June.

Then there are cows who can't wait to get down and have some fun. Hi, my name is Papya. Pearl is my cousin but she is far to old to do this number. I call it "making sure this is the real deal and not plastic."

Yep, it will do. Show is over now. You with the camera, don't you have some dishes to do?

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Miriam said...

LOL, I loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing - and narrating! :P