Thursday, August 13, 2009

Me Cranky? Nooo

But I am, darnit. I am PMSing big time which is unusual. I go through cranky periods but this one is awful. We have been really busy this week getting our oats taken off the field so we have not seen too much of each other. Since Tuesday, if the sun has been shining we have been working. I snuck in almost an hour of nap time today and Kurt didn't ask why I was late to start milking this afternoon. Mum is the word.

Tuesday I went in the morning and picked up two dozen ears of sweet corn, a cucumber(for my spaghetti salad), pickles, two onions, two big zucchini, and four little zucchinis all from the farmers market down the road for 13.50. I would love to have a garden but when I can buy what I need for such a nice price it all evens out. Besides when in the heck would I have time to plant a garden. Remember the name of my blog? That sums it up around here. I brought my loot home and put it in the garage fridge. I planned on getting at either the pickles or zucchini that day. Um yeah, did not happen.

I had to meet my mom to pickup my daughter and I had an appointment for farm stuff along with having to stop at Fleet Farm for stuff. But first I had to stop at my friend Kristie's house because that is where the Holstein meeting was going to be. So I had to drop off a pair of glasses that another member had left in their vehicle from the last meeting. Since they were not going to the meeting and Kurt did not think he would be making it to the meeting because of field work and it was on my way to town. Of course I talked to Kristie for atleast a half hour and she ended up giving me two big zucchinis and three squash. Wondering what I am going to do with all the zucchini? Yeah, me too!

Wednesday I thought will be my day to start on my veggies. Wrong. I was in our truck hauling wagons to the feed mill and picking up chopper boxes from neighbor. Then I had to deposit the chopper boxes in the field until all four were out there. I was so tired of climbing in and out and in and out of the truck. Backing up and hooking up my thighs are screaming just thinking about it. I did the hauling after I milked by myself. Waaah. I was okay, honest. Lunch really did not happen yesterday for Kurt and I so I grabbed apples around 3:30 or so. By 5 I was starving. I gave in and went to McDs because there was no way anyone was going to be happy. I still had my calves and heifers to feed. It is all a blur but I did not get in the house until after 7. Then I went back out at 8:30 to milk. Yawn...

A new day and I have hauled two wagons into the feed mill. I unloaded the bagged feed from the truck that I picked up yesterday. I also somehow tripped when I was picking up a piece of diamond plate that goes over the gutter. That hurt my arm is still kind of sore and I have no idea how it happened. Today is the day. I am going to go slice up my pickles and be a happy girl. If that doesn't help, then I'll start on the zucchini. I forgot to mention my daughter husked the corn for me while I took the second wagon down. Hopefully the novelty of peeling corn never wears off : )

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Miriam said...

Uggh, I tell ya what, I have not missed my periods yet!! Yay for being pregnant! LOL!

I doubt you meant it, but you put a really punny line in there... about "cranky periods" :P

Sorry life is throwing fastballs all of the sudden, hopefully once the oats are in maaaaybe things will slow down long enough for you to catch your breath. I hope your pickles turn out great, and that they "help" :) Take care!!