Monday, October 5, 2009


I was going to add some pictures to this post but they are not cooperating. I have been feeling a little overwhelmed, stressed, disoriented, tired, confused, disorganized, and generally unproductive. I think this all stems from spending too much time with four-legged animals. Specifically the variety that is milked three-times-a-day in our barn. For some reason it feels like I am responsible for feeding each and every breathing mammal on this place in the morning, and it's frustrating me just a little. That drains me out not sure why but it is making me yawn thinking about it. I think me needs a day off. Last time we both had a milking off was....Saturday July 25. Kurt mentions going away. Like the both of us but I am not sure how or when that will happen. He said something about when things settle down.

I am feeding six calves milk. They drain the life out of me. No, it's not that bad. I think I am being overly dramatic now. Poor Meghan. Since I feel I have not been too social lately I will tell you their names. IBNawty (I Be Naughty) the first baby born Aug 28, Lily Sept 4, Mania Sept 14 (or 16), I-SIS (not sure how to spell it but Mac named her), Mint, and a calf who was born Friday who's name is Shake. There are two more calves to be born this month and I believe about seven more before the end of the year. We feed our calves milk for two months which makes the feeding a little more involved.

I am also going back to my old job at the coop where I ran the grain office of a satellite location. It's a seasonal job and hopefully I should make some money. It is always about the money. Currently I am in limbo. It is a place I do not like to be. I do not know when I am starting which means I basically have to be prepared to start at a moments notice. So mentally my mind went about two weeks ago. The last week and half I have finally gotten with it and accomplished a few tasks. I have a few things I would like to have done before starting...bookwork, filing done, paperwork for a loan, hemming Mac's jeans (2 of the 3 are done), getting the house cleaned up for fall, and making a stockpile of baked goods for my husband. Another thing about the sewing machine. I bought it last year and am slowing getting the hang of it. I think the more I do on my own the less frightening it will be. Genius. We also have the heat on. It was 60 degrees in here last week. We turned it up to 64 and the other day I got crazy and turned it up to 66. But it is back down to 64 because I got a little too warm. : ) I better go make some chocolate chip bars and puppy chow during the game.

Go Pack GO!

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Anonymous said...

Ugg, your life sounds a lot like mine. Lucky me I don't have children to attend to yet but I sure feel overwhelmed somedays. My husband and I talk and say "what do normal people do with their time and money!?!" Like if we both worked 9 to 5 and didn't have to buy fertilizer and put up barns we'd be rich and bored!! I just don't get it how those people complain about being too busy or broke. Anyway, keep up the good work!