Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This Week

This is only second or third day of the week and it's already hectic. Yesterday I made snow drifts and dipped Oreo balls. Friday I made my version/my mother's of peanut butter cups. I bake peanut butter cookies in mini muffin tins. When they are almost done I take them out of the oven and press a miniature peanut butter cup into the middle of the cookie. I put these in the freezer and only let Kurt have a few. They would be gone for sure otherwise.

Today I am at work. There wouldn't be much going on today since we are suppose to get a foot of snow between today and tomorrow. Our bins are also full of corn so not much can happen. So I sit in my chair and hold down the place. That's why they pay me. The nice thing about coming to work is I can get things done here that I wouldn't make time for at home. Before I quit working off the farm, I always reconciled my checkbook and paid bills at work. Because I had idle time and I figure whatever I can get done at work leaves me more time for the fun stuff at home. Like dishes, sweeping, cooking supper you know that fun stuff!

I give a lot of food gifts and I need to figure out how much I need to make and who is receiving the goods. A Christmas card list would be helpful. My husband thinks I should get those done soon. I would prefer to get the tree decorated first. My daughter is dying to decorate it but I need Kurt's help with lights. Last night I was suppose to get that done, but Kurt got in late and ugh it was a late night. We fell asleep on the couch until 11:30 and we still had to milk yet. I got about five hours of sleep so I know tonight I am going to be sleepy. There probably is not going to be school in the morning and there will be snow to plow. The sooner we get to bed the better since I'm sure it will be a long day Wednesday. Yippee. Wednesday night we have a banquet to go to. Last year we had a ton of snow and no school the day of the banquet. This year we have to drive further than a mile and a half but I'm sure all will go well.

Thursday we will be going over to our neighbor's during their night milking. We offered to milk for them Friday night since they have a wedding reception to go to. This is probably the thing I am looking the least forward to, but I like helping. Hopefully I do not have to work this weekend. It is going to be a high in the teens on Thursday and Friday and the lows around 3. The snow looks pretty coming down right now. Stay warm and warm up those shovels!

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