Monday, January 11, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

So last week my plan went mostly out the window. The pickies didn't want this and didn't want that. Yaddy, yaddy, yah! Tuesday last week was busy, busy so we ended up going and picking up food. We were all exhausted from the days events. Milk testing-no big deal, heifer calving 11 days early with a twisted uterus. Two different vets came out to take care of her. The heifer who is now cow since she had the baby is doing great, but the calf died before it could be gotten out. The rest of the week is kind of a blur. This week is shaping up to be no better. We had a friend pass away from cancer. She was 38 and one cool chick! Her visitation was tonight and tomorrow we will go to her funeral which is at our church. Her husband and mine were classmates and they farm too. RIP Darla. The week continues with the farm bookwork. This needs to be done by Saturday for our appointment with our accountant. I also really need to balance the checkbook and pay some bills before the holiday on Monday comes and ruins bills being paid on time.
Wednesday-Leftovers--Cheesy Ham and Potatoes and Tuna Casserole
Thursday-Crockpot meatballs, mashed potatoes (from last week)
Friday- Ring bologney (from the cheese box we got from our milk cooperative for Christmas), leftover mashed potatoes, green beans

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