Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This is going to be pure randomness as my whole blog is based on randomness (I think).

  • Maclayne stayed with my parents while we were away. She woke up at 5:55am and went into my mom's room and said, "Grandma, I'm awake." You got to love how she states the obvious. Friday morning there was a 2-hour delay due to fog and she slept until 8:30. She has always been an early riser at their house.

  • To say I am unmotivated this week would be an understatement.

  • Tomorrow I have an eye appointment which means I am going to order some contacts. For the last year, I have been wearing my 5-year-old glasses. The low milk price is to blame...still is...

  • I am going to work this morning for two hours or so, but I need to dry my hair. I am waiting for Kurt to get out of the bathroom. The joys of only having one bathroom.

  • Kurt's grandma is turning 95 in a week.

  • Maclayne is turning 8 in 12 days.

  • I know what I am making for her birthday food wise.

  • I don't know when she'll have her friends over or a party with them since the next weekend is Easter weekend.
  • This is the second day I have hung laundry out. Take that WE Energies!
  • Thursday the high is suppose to be around 65. That is pretty close to Meghan-Perfect weather!
  • This was my 200th post, hence the title.
  • Photos from our trip to Door County coming soon!

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