Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hopeful Getaway, Confirmed Getaway

We are going away. It has been a long year and eight months but who is counting! Since we are scraping the bottom of our wallets, I am managing to save money while going away for the weekend.

Go during the off-season. We are going to Door County which is booming with tourists in the warm months. March is super quiet since there is not a whole to do outside besides hike throughout the many parks if you are an outside person. Of course there is always shopping and wineries. With going during the off-season, we are also saving on our lodging. When I called to reserve a room, I was given another discount just because March is a slow month. I did not ask for a deal. We are staying in the largest suite and saving a $110 off the price of a two night stay. I opted to pay $30 more to stay in the largest suite when he offered the second discount. Kurt and I have separate bedrooms now how wonderful is that!? Haha! Most importantly we are self-employed and work 365 days a year. Which means we have to pay someone to do our work and I would say is a downside to being self-employed. Our lodging and hiring someone cost us about the same.

Limit eating out. We'll be away from home for five to six meals. I was told when I called that a goody basket comes with each suite and includes maple syrup, homemade salsa, and coffee. We don't drink coffee so I'll give that to someone who does but the rest sounds wonderful. I'm bring frozen pancakes that were leftovers from last Friday night. Saturday morning breakfast is taken care of and I am also bringing cereal for Sunday morning. Our suite has a full kitchen so I could really bring all the food and cook our meals, but what kind of vacation would that be? We will probably be going out to eat twice and picking lunch up from Subway. The object is to spend as least as possible without being as anal as possible : ) I'm also planning on bringing milk, pop, tea, malted beverages (Boones), sliced cheese (Kurt needs it with his pancakes), apples, oranges, crackers, cookies, chips, popcorn, peeled carrots, and any other snack food Kurt wants. I also have an Entertainment coupon for a restaurant only one problem. This restaurant does not seem to exist but if we find it the coupon is buy one entree get the next entree for free (up to $11). Half price is worth my time to look for this place.

Cheap entertainment. There are many, many parks in Door County and we are planning on visiting one of the state parks which will cost us $7 for a day pass. I like to drive around so we will do that and maybe visit a few shops. We will also bring DVDs since we never seem to have time to watch them while at home. I'm hoping with a little more rest Kurt will be able to watch a movie the entire length instead of falling asleep halfway through. I count going out to eat as entertainment. There these are our big plans for our getaway!

This works for me!


Miriam said...

You're going to have such a wonderful time!! Sounds like you have a good plan for saving AND enjoying at the same time :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like fun!