Sunday, March 7, 2010

March-the First Week

What a week! The temperatures have slowing been rising and it was around 40 degrees or more a couple of days. My mood really changes with the sun being out.
The cows go outside most days. But are only in the concrete barnyard in the winter months because there is usually a pile of snow blocking the entrance to the pasture along with some wire. Thursday I happened to look out the kitchen window and saw that one of the cows busted the wires. The cows all headed out to their beloved pasture. They kicked up their heals and raced around. I had to go to the porch to take this picture but it also shows the heifers running in their pasture with a few cows in the background.

I picked up this reduced-priced marinated turkey tenderloin and made turkey stirfry. My meal plan may have some repeats as well as still eating leftovers from certain meals.

I love cheese. I just wanted to show you all that I bought when I went grocery shopping. I also had a little wheel of Gouda but I forgot to pull it out for the picture. In case you are wondering and if you are not the cheese above is Heritage White Cheddar from Red Barn Family Farms (more about this cheese and Red Barn in another post), two mild cheedars, a baby swiss, parmesan, extra, extra super sharp cheddar which are from J&S in WI, and shredded mozzarella and cheddar/monteray jack. Like my facebook page says. Drink milk, eat cheese, and buy ice cream...

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