Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh its March

I have a love hate relationship with the month of March. Love it because my cuddly soon-to-be eight-year-old daughter was born this month. The weather can also be quite nice (and not so), but overall sloppy which we have to go through to get to great weather. My dislike for the month of March would be I feel pressed for time during the entire month. There is something going on almost each weekend...obviously one is a birthday party. I believe I told my mom I was running on empty today. I'm not sure if she thought my gas tank in my car was empty (its full) or that I was tired. By the response she gave me I don't think she really cared I was running on empty, and I am okay with that.

In March, we would also be teaching the Adventures in Dairyland unit to fourth graders at the elementary school. This year we decided not to because we wanted more time for ourselves how selfish right?! Well now I'm helping my mom get some materials/ideas/information on Adventures in Dairyland for the fourth grade teachers at her school. I think I'm feeling like I need to be a perfectionist on this because we are doing halfway from scratch and this is the teachers first time. Usually ag students or dairy farmers come into the school at teach the class...I feel like I need to give the teachers a class or something if they don't have any notion of a dairy farm. This school is in the city so none of the kids come from a farm. I'm probably getting my undies in a bundle for nothing but I feel so responsible! And I just wanted a break from it for two years until my girl was in fourth grade.

And the 28 day Organization Challenge will be completed just not today. I need to take Kurt by the hand and tie him to a chair with a pile of papers. That is the only way this room will be complete because Kurts stuff is kind of an eye sore and then some. Not that I am perfect, but I can't start putting his stuff where ever I please. Because when he wants something of his, then I will be responsible for getting it because he will not know where to find his precious paper(s).

With Maclayne's birthday, comes a clean house. That is wonderful except I work on it for the entire month because her birthday is the 28th. I get the curtains all washed which probably woudn't happen unless they started looking unbecoming. I am planning for the food, she is going to make her invitations this week, and hopefully the office will look like an office. I have no idea what to get her for her birthday. She sure is a funny girl though. She asked the other day when she could go to Florida for her birthday. Probably the same time I get to go for mine. Next year! Haha, waaahhh! Boo! I think I want to go more than her! Atleast I have 25 days to find something equal to going to Florida!

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