Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Barn Part II

I am a Red Barn employee. Actually I am the only Red Barn employee. I am so lucky! On a Friday I was offered the job and the Monday before I had gone on an interview to work at a hospital about 25 miles away. The hospital job would have been all different shifts which with farming is okay to a point. When you get into the busy season, which would be April through October that would be another story. On Friday when Terry was here making sure that Kurt was definetly going to start selling our milk to Red Barn, he asked me how much he would have to pay me. Did not say do you want to work for us but how much do I need to pay you. I was thrilled! A job landed in my lap. Not just a job, but a chance to help promote the dairy industry and hopefully brainstorm new ideas, clients, etc for Red Barn which helps Lime-Acres make money.

My job duties are kind of vague at this point while I get trained to do the accounting and bookwork that Terry who is a veterinarian also has been doing. My first job opportunity happened two weeks ago which was my first week as a Red Barn employee. I went to a wine tasting event to offer samples of the Red Barn cheese. It was fun but the weather was horrendous! The event took place outside and it was on a hill and I was facing north. It was windy and then it started snowing after about two hours. I was so cold and I could not wait to get home. The crazy thing was people kept coming and coming. I wondered who was more nuts-me or them.

For right now, I will be driving over to Terry and Paula's house and entering info into Quickbooks. Terry mentioned as I get going I will be doing the milk slips into Excel, inventory, maybe invoicing, and hopefully getting it so I can do this stuff mostly from my house that can be done here. It is the most flexible job. Its on a work as I can and I love it! It feels like the tide is starting to turn for us. Ugh, the tension and stress is something I can do without!

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