Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Living Room

Remember the 70s living room.

The chair in the corner stayed along with the classy shag carpeting. The walls are a cream color they look brighter than they really are. The way this room is set up though makes it hard to move your furniture around. There are too many doorways that could be blocked. There are five.

I did not like where the TV was because it drew too much attention to the bedrooms.

I moved the TV to the corner and put a bookshelf in the middle. Not a complete solution but better than before.

That doorway goes out to the porch which is Mac's playroom now. Before they put junk out there, and the curtains were panels. It's kind of funny that is the only window in the room and it goes out to the porch. It does come in handy when we nap on the couch because if you shut the bedroom and office doors it becomes rather dark. The blankets that are crocheted (I think) are both wedding presents. The pink and white quilt is a from my godmother when Maclayne was born.
Here is what happened in the Kitchen and the Dining Room

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Anonymous said...

What a difference you can make when you try! Changing the paneleing (I can not tell if you just painted it or did some sheetrock over it) but the brightness really perked things up. Great job!