Sunday, June 14, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I feel like patting myself on the back. I really need to go grocery shopping and have become creative with using what food we have. I did not take the easy way out. Yay me! Somethings from last week I did not make either because we had something else or leftovers. We did get food for lunch twice from a restaurant. Taco Bell on Friday and Wednesday we got pizza. I have card that allows you to buy a large specialty pizza at regular cost and then you receive a free medium one topping pizza. The card was $20 and there are many other great deals but if you just do the pizza deal your card has been paid for. There a deal for DQ BOGO for blizzards that now we did the pizza has definetly paid for our card. We can still do the pizza deal four more times and the DQ is endless until August. Not too shabby. Anyway we are trying real hard to eat home as much as possible. It is our anniversary on Sunday so we are going out to eat for that. I'm looking forward to it.

Monday-Crispy Ranch Chicken, potatoes, and a veggie (from last week)


Wednesday-Swiss Steak, potatoes, and a veggie (from last week)


Friday-Graduation party

Saturday-Surprise birthday party so food leftover from that if we are still hungry

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