Monday, October 12, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week we were kind of naughty. Well I was naughty. I go through these streaks where I can not cook. Just the thought of it makes me freak out. It kind of comes and goes with my cycle...aren't you glad you know that! It's like clockwork every other month or two I hit a serious rut. This week I can't afford to be so lazy. So I buckling down and cooking if I like it or not. I do like to cook but part of my brain last week was not into it at all.

Monday-Scalloped potatoes and ham (FREE Sara Lee : ) ), peas, and more carbs-bread

Tuesday-Leftovers and Kurt has his Holstein meeting-they are having barbeques and lots of other goodies...if I didn't have to milk I would go to. I was invited but I do have a sleeping little girl who I can't leave home either. Next time!

Wednesday-Swiss Steak with mashed potatoes (from last week)

Thursday-One Dish Supper (from last week)

Friday-Poorman's Lobster, french fries, coleslaw, rye bread

You'll notice there are potatoes galore in our plan this week. My mom brought me a 50 pound bag and she has another 50 pounder for me too. I want to get a jump start on them because believe it or not it takes awhile to eat 100 pounds of potatoes.

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