Saturday, June 12, 2010

June is Dairy Month Recipe 1


Since we are already 12 days into June, I am going to kick it into high gear with some very dairy recipes. When I was growing up, I remember getting ice cream at the coop and cheese and crackers at the banks to celebrate June Dairy month. Our 4-H club would pass out cheese at the grocery store and I think they later moved to ice cream cones. A lot of counties in Wisconsin also host Breakfast on Farms at designated farms throughout the state. The breakfasts take a lot of preparation usually include petty zoo, kids games, antique cars or tractors, live music (usually polka bands), church services (since most are held on Sundays), and of course some type of breakfast is served (ours is eggs, hashbrowns, cinnamon rolls, cheese, milk, and sometime ice cream. I wonder if other states have other ways of celebrating June Dairy month? Have you all heard of June Dairy month.

The radio station we listen to in the barn is a country station and they have not mentioned that it is June Dairy month once. They also did not last year because I was out in the barn every morning milking by myself so it was just me, the girls, and a radio. Now there is another country radio station that is going to a different dairy farm each day of June. I think that is awesome! A lot of farmers have the radios in their barns on the station we have so I'm wondering if any of them have noticed as well.

Here is my first recipe Blueberry Cream Muffins

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