Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of Those Days

Maybe it is one of those weeks. Not terribly busy but plenty to do. Monday was my day "off." I only had to due my normal chores in the morning, come to milk in the afternoon, feed my calves and heifers in the barn around 6pm, and go out at night for the third milking. Tuesday we test which means there is a technician here who takes a sample from each cow that is milking. Because we milk 3X and have a registered herd of cattle, we have to test two of the three milkings so our herd production records are official with the Holstein Association. I like our tester she is fun girl who likes to talk and that makes milking go quicker. Maclayne had a small project due on Wednesday. When she got home, Kurt asked when we were going to work on it. I told him I wanted her to get it done tonight. Well duh! She had to have it done tonight because tomorrow was Wednesday. Oops.

Wednesday I had to go have my blood pressure rechecked and blood drawn for some tests. My blood pressure was down to 114/84 and two weeks ago it was 132/92. I'm happy it came down but now I need to get it down to a healthier level. Especially the bottom number. My appointment was in the morning since you need to fast 12 hours before the blood draw. When I got home at 10:30, Kurt was on the couch half asleep. I figured I could either go on the computer and catch up with my stuff on here or take advantage of the quiet and hop into bed. I hopped into bed. I woke up 45 minutes later to the phone ringing and I had not been sleep too well. Ran to pick up the phone and it was no one I knew on the ID and Kurt was sitting at the table eating a banana. I went back to bed for another hour but this time pulled the extra flannel comforter over me. That felt good. Nice and warm this time.

Maclayne took cold lunch to school today because she does not like it when they have breakfast for lunch. She claims she gets syrup all over herself and then she's sticky for the rest of the day. When I opened the fridge for breakfast there was her sandwhich. The rest of her lunch was packed and in her bag. So I ran down to school a little bit ago because I'm nice and I would hope my mom would do that for me if I had forgotten my sandwhich. Then again my mom worked away from home and wouldn't have noticed it but anway!

I'm also job searching. Oh how fun. If I could find something working from home and be hired, that would be just awesome. I have my husband reading Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace. Awhile ago he ordered a book off of an infomercial called Debt Cures, but the funny thing is he used a credit card to pay for it. I think Dave Ramsey's book is making more sense. I am so sick of credit card debt. If you are familiar with the snowball method, I have trying to do that for years. This time I am going to be successful. I have five credit cards and if I have had a job I could easily pay off four of the five in a short time. Ahhh financial freedom, atleast on my end here I come! I hope, but I really do not want leave home to work. My daughter would be sad and is sad when I have to go to work. I really hate that part and working in the summer would just be awful. So I have been trying to be resourceful and think of alternatives to making money and paying down debt.

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